About us

1. Who are we?

It's all about passion, belief, and trust. Catering to the booming market of youthful, fashionable Muslim females, to create a destination place to all hijabis.

We all know how much every hijabi struggle to find the perfect outfit for every occasion without spending time searching especially in foreign countries. Hijab House's products are made for the modern hijab wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, our products are constantly updated to cater to trends and needs in the Muslim fashion industry.

Only months after opening its doors, Hijab House was featured on the popular morning television show, Kerri-Anne on the Nine Network. Since then, Hijab House has been the focus of countless newspaper and magazine articles both locally and internationally, as well as on blogs.

The creation and love of our work rewarded us with the trust and love of our customers on social media with more than 690,000 followers on Instagram.

2. Our Awards

In 2010, Hijab House won the Anthill Entrepreneurship Award is recognized for its dedication to pioneering a Muslim fashion brand in a way that had not been seen before.

In 2013, Hijab House won the Business of the Year award at the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards as well as runner up in the Bankstown Small Business awards.

In 2015, Hijab House was a finalist in the Fashfest Canberra show and was chosen as an official ambassador for World Hijab Day.

3. Our Mission

As the world's largest hijab fashion brand, we aim to grow to spread our community all over the world to let all our customers put their hands on our products online and in-store.