Open a Hijab House Store

Date Posted:30 March 2019 

Be a Part of the World's Most Unique Hijab Fashion Brand

Do you live in an area where hijab fashion is limited?  Do you often feel you have a lack of modest clothing options?

We have the answer: Hijab House.

Hijab House is the world's most exciting and fastest growing hijab fashion brands, and we are looking for global partners to help us take this amazing concept worldwide.  
Unique HH
Hijab House is the world’s most unique hijab brand. Why? Because we’re always bringing out the newest and most exciting products tailor made for the booming modest market. Our stores are also the most exciting retail spaces in the hijab industry, especially our signature hijab walls.
Intellectual Property & Creative Edge
We love everything unique, so we have secured trade marks and patents for our colours, textiles, and some merchandising displays such as our Hijab Wall. We draw inspiration from all over the world and our international design team brings the signature Hijab House style to life.
Product Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
Quality is everything so we maintain full control over the development, sourcing and manufacturing our collections, to bring you the best products ever.
Retail Expertise
We know that the word changes crazy fast, so we have implemented a global cloud POS system to connect everything from our online stores to physical stores to HR & rostering. We monitor customer data and adapt our production and performance requirements accordingly.