Know Your Clothes

By 2023 our goal is to be more sustainable and an eco friendly brand!


Hijab house was founded on a single idea of providing women with modest designer looks and premium quality fabrications. As a leader in the modest fashion world we have the responsibility to the wider community, from the women who wear hijab house and the people who make our clothing, to the environment and ecological systems we impact.


The Hijab house team is committed to providing the best modest attire using premium fabrics and minimal usage of resources. We are using sustainable fabrics and procedures which include using manufacturing processes that conserve natural resources. Our products are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse and recycling. By buying our products from hijab house, you are supporting an initiative for making the world a better place by creating a more sustainable environment with a strong focus on high quality and organic fabrics. 



We are working towards providing our customers with eco-friendly fabrics, and natural dyeing techniques to ensure that we do our part for the world we live in.