Quarantine and chill!

‘’ How to stay sane and positive during quarantine?’’ is the most researched question during this global pandemic. In these unpredictable times, it helps to know that we are in fact in control of much more than we may perceive at first. There are a plethora of ways to safeguard your emotional, mental & physical wellbeing during this time. Here are a few examples:

Learn a Skill or a Hobby

Take action now for your mental health by transforming previous limitations into opportunities. It is important now more than ever to diversify your daily activities in order to avoid a monotonous and draining routine. Newly discovered activities & hobbies during this time at home can help to bring both short & long term comfort and joy, ultimately alleviating stress levels & improving emotional wellbeing. This may be through baking, writing, photography, or learning a new language. The list is endless!

Studies show that people feel more positive and in-control when they are productive, so start searching a new skill or develop your own hobby to keep yourself busy. With more time on our hands, this is a perfect opportunity to explore options you previously didn't have a chance to!

Here’s just one example of many:

Get a stitch fix - it is widely known that the therapeutic nature of knitting, stitching, and embroidering has been proven to reduce stress hormones and lower heart rate. The repetitive movement of knitting and crocheting soothingly occupies the mind, and the tangible outcome boosts self-esteem. With Winter fast approaching, why not try your hand at a scarf or beanie to keep you warm during the colder months. With a wide array of online tutorials for beginners, anyone can get into it!


Stay Active at Home

‘’If you’re depressed and stressing out, we would say to stretch it out!’’.

Exercising at home and maintaining (or for some, developing) an active lifestyle is an important part of keeping both your mind and body healthy. With an endless array of online follow-along videos & handy phone apps to keep you accountable, staying active at home has never been easier. There is a wide range of equipment-free indoor workouts to choose from, ranging in intensity from yoga and pilates to step exercises and high-intensity circuits. Alternatively, you may opt for an outdoor run, walk or cycling for some fresh air. Find something you enjoy, and stick to it!

Looking & feeling good go hand in hand. What's better than working out with apparel that is both comfortable & trendy!

Hijab House offers you the latest Fitness Collection designed specifically to optomise comfort without sacrificing modesty and style. Our fully functional collection is non-sheer, light weight and sweat proof, and will be sure to come in handy both throughout and post-quarantine.

Here are some items from our collection:

Modest fitness top featuring a hood for head coverage, thumb holes for hand protection, and a high neck for modesty. Suitable for runners, cyclists, and athletes.


This hood provides total head coverage during fitness training and is worn with the fitness cap. Soft and breathable and has ample neck coverage. Non-sheer.

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Maintain a quarantine routine

Maintaining a quarantine routine is important but does not need to be tedious or strict. Set up a structure for your day that works for you. This can include the following:

- Waking up and going to bed at healthy times to ensure you get enough sleep

- Setting up a work or study station and taking frequent breaks throughout the day to help reflect and recharge

- Dedicating some time to video chat and stay connected with your friends

- Doing some yoga before bed

Stay positive!

Amidst the panic, it is comforting to know that your efforts are making a tremendous impact on our community. Your role in restoring public health and safety is powerful, and is both recognised and appreciated by many. Try and maintain a positive and hopeful attitude and together, we will come out of this.

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