We all know how much HH items steal the heart of all hijabis with their uniqueness, simplicity, and elegance. But surely, some items win the top sellers because they're easy to wear, multi-use and special!

We will introduce our top 3 best sellers that should be available in every wardrobe of hijabi:

1-Dove Plain Hijab:  

One of the most popular colors on HH whole history. It's an essential color that should be available in every Hijabi closet.

Let us tell you more about this color:

A creamy color with a nude undertone that suits every skin tone and the most exciting about it is that you can match it with all types and colors of outfits.

Dove hijab is a very soft color that matches properly your outfit whatever is the occasion. Here are some ideas where the dove is matched with different outfits:

 - Casual Outfit:

Dove with its natural color, is paired with a soft, loose dress to add a unique style and match with this soft color.

 -Evening Outfit:



You can never go wrong with our unique bestseller hijab, dove plain hijab. It's suitable for all skin tones, and you can match it literally with any outfit.

Shop this amazing color now paired with the same color of cap: Dove Plain Hijab


2-Basic Hijabi Dress:

Definitely, the go-to dress that should be available in every hijabi wardrobe.

A non-sheer, easy to wear, full sleeves, cotton dress that comes with a variety of colors: Black and grey. This dress is perfect for a university girl since it's so comfortable also perfect to go out with your friends and family!


3-Lightweight tops

One of our best seller items from ages, this invention is the perfect item and solution for every hijabi problem.

A non-sheer, lightweight top that can be worn anytime, anywhere!

Lightweight tops are perfect to be worn for the gym, university, and a go-to look paired with any jeans and snickers. They come in different lengths also:

Our must-have lightweight top is an essential item for every Hijabi. Shop now: Lightweight tops.

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